How you can Lose Weight with Green Coffee?

How you can Lose Weight with Green Coffee?

Obesity is becoming one of the biggest problems in the world. According to the global census held on July 2017, India is the 3rd most obese country in the world followed by U.S.A. and China. The major reasons for obesity are unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise.

Obesity brings with it many other problems like developing serious conditions, including Heart Disease, Bone and Joint Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and a long list of other diseases.

But today people are becoming more and more aware and health conscious. They are finding different ways to overcome obesity problems. And one of the most helpful products to overcome the fat problem is “Green Coffee”.

green coffee beans

Green Coffee Bean is currently among the world’s most popular weight loss supplements. Studies have shown that unroasted coffee beans contain a high amount of antioxidant called chlorogenic acid which burns down fat and increase the metabolism rate, resulting in the reduction of fat from the body. And also because green coffee contains very less or 0 (zero) calorie, so it takes more calories from our body to digest it. Hence you can call it a negative calorie food, which utilizes more calories in getting digested than it provides to the body.

To lose fat from the body a person should drink 2-3 cups per day. Then he can lose up to 5 kg weight with green coffee.

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