Organic Green Tea - Tulsi

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Organic Green Tea – Tulsi

(5 customer reviews)

349.00 149.00




All natural and expertly blended green tea with a light, refreshing taste of Tulsi. It helps you detox harmful toxins from your body, which would otherwise interfere with your performance negatively.

Tea Form = Loose tea
Flavor = Tulsi
No. of servings = 25 Cups
Maximum Shelf Life = 18 Months

5 reviews for Organic Green Tea – Tulsi

  1. Sanjay Lahiri

    Very Nice herbal taste.

  2. Rashmi Raheja

    Hi, to everyone. I love Green tea the healthiest beverage on the planet. This includes improves brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other incredible benefits.

  3. Prakash

    Purchased this green tea on sale with honey free. And the taste is so nice. You can add few drops of honey to make it sweeter.

  4. Dipika sangwan

    Green tea is full of antioxidents. It,s content are very helpful for human health. If anyone drink green tea without milk and sugar then it is very useful for our body. Results are good.

  5. Priya Goel

    One of the best green tea I have ever drink. I am drinking green tea from many years now and had never found a green tea of this taste and quality. The quality is so great that it can easily fail green tea which worth 1000s of rupees.

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